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Imagine Designs Is Using WJewel Software Now !

Imagine Designs, a premier bridal jewelry manufacturer, is now using wjewel software for all their accounting, inventory and manufacturing needs.


Our smart solutions make your ideas come true!

Do you regularly backup your information?

When was the last time you checked your backup to make sure that it works?

Customizing your software is one of our specialties.

While many of our competitors expect you to change the way you do your business to fit their software, we feel that a one-size-fits all model for jewelry software does not work.

A great number of our users ask us to customize our software to fit their needs and we are happy to comply.

We make PC software, websites and apps and customization is always available.

Making websites that are beautiful and functional

We create websites that are functional and look great, and they are search engine optimized.

Some are informational, such as  Dr. Sasan Azar MD and Dr. Angela Azar MD Website.

EDI Integration

Our Jewelry Software packages come with the optional EDI integration module. All department stores require you to be EDI capable and our software gives you that capability.

How to save history of changes to your documents

One of the features available in our Jewelry Software packages, is the ability to see who made an invoice or a memo, or a return. This information is timestamped, so you know when it happened.
Optionally we save a copy of the document before any changes made to it, so you can see what was actually changed during each edit.

Do you regularly backup your information?

When was the last time you checked your backup to make sure that it works?

Automatically download your certified diamonds information

Our latest versions of Jewelry Manufacturers Software and Jewelry Retailers software include a very easy way of retrieving all of your diamond info with click of a button.

You just enter the certificate type (GIA,.. ) and the certificate number and click on the “retrieve info” button. In a few seconds all the information fields about the diamond (weight, color, clarity, depth, ..) and an actual copy of the cert are populated into your software. No more manually retyping of the information is needed.

Compliment from a customer.

We installed our Jewelry Wholesalers Software a few months ago for a new customer in Tennessee.

Her email to me today ended with “After my husband, you guys are the best thing that ever happened to me. Liz.”

RFID For Jewelry

RFID technology helps put your financial and workforce resources to more effective use. The benefits are clear: it saves money, saves time, and increases control over your inventory. The process of managing, maintaining and tracking inventory can be a time-consuming, labor-intensive process, one that can leave room for error and unaccounted for inventory… until now.

This revolutionary inventory tracking system offers consistent, accurate results in a fraction of the time.

All our inventory packages such as “Jewelry Software For Retailers” and “Jewelry Software For Wholesalers and Manufacturers” include the optional RFID module to maintain accurate, fast inventory.

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