Business software / POS for Jewelry Retailers

A complete software package that handles all aspects of a jewelry retail business.

This package includes point of sales (sales, returns, trade-ins), layaways, appraisals, gift certificates, buy gold/scrap, CRM (customer relationship management), multi-store inventory (jewelry, diamond, and color stones), tagging and bar coding, business analysis reports, repairs and tracking of jobs in the shop, imaging, vendor consignments and accounts payable. Export to QuickBooks, automatic update of your website, RFID, and shipping and tracking are available.

Unlimited training is included at no additional cost. Based on latest C# / .Net technology. System can be set up as cloud based or run on your own server.

Point of sale

  • • Sales, returns, and exchanges.
  • • Special orders.
  • • Trade-ins.
  • • Print receipt with/without pictures
  • • Customer payment by cash, check, credit card swipe, credit card terminal, layaway
  • • Store credits, and gift cards.
  • • Approved customers can purchase on credit and pay it later. Create statements, finance charge.
  • • Collect customer info (address, telephone#, email address) as we make the sale.
  • • Keep track of sales by salesman, register, vendor, etc.
  • • Appraisals / statement of value.
  • • Sales tax reports.

Memos (optional)

  • • Items given to a customer on memo.
  • • Memo returns.
  • • Transfer from memo to invoice.
  • • List of items on memo.

Repair orders

  • • Keep track of customer repairs; take a picture of the item brought in for repair using an attached camera.
  • • Create job bags, follow job bags from the store to the shop, follow up thru the shop and back to the store.
  • • Open repairs report.

Customers, Potential customers

  • • CRM (Customer relations management), reminders.
  • • Purchases, returns, repairs, and appraisals history for each customer.
  • • Lis of customers with an upcoming event such as birthday, or anniversary.
  • • Linked accounts: spouse, children, etc.
  • • Potential customers.


  • • Multiple stores inventory.
  • • Keep track of transfers between stores. Require acknowledgement by the receiving store (optional).
  • • Items received from vendors on consignment, report back to each vendor for items sold from their consignments.
  • • Automatic re-order of items below minimum stock level.
  • • Physical inventory check.
  • • Vendor portals: vendors can monitor their own items’ sales and inventory levels.


  • • Multiple pictures per item (front, side, etc.)
  • • Use vendor provided images or take your own pictures using an attached camera.
  • • Print receipt, jobs bags, and inventory reports with images.
  • • Many other reports such as best sellers, inventory, and open orders all with images of each item right next to them.

Tagging (RFID & Bar code)

  • • RFID tags allow you to read hundreds of pieces of jewelry or diamond parcels in minutes. Just put an envelope or a tray full of jewelry on the scanner and it reads all of them.

Shop control

  • • Keep track of jobs sent to the shop, and the person(s) who worked on them.

Accounts Payable and Vendor Consignments

  • • Keep track of items purchased from each vendor or received from them on consignment.
  • • Write checks.
  • • Vendor statements and aging reports.


Web Connection

  • • Option to automatically update the information for the items on your website based on the information entered into your inventory system. Also update availability of items based on your real time inventory.
  • • Automatic download of web orders into your system.

Email, Fax, and export to Excel

  • • Email, fax, or export to Excel any report.

Multi-User System

  • • Easy graphical interface to set up each user’s access privileges.

Optional features: QuickBooks integration, RFID, Shipping labels