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It is the complete package

  • Jewelry software for manufacturers and wholesalers. This package includes accounting (memo and invoice), inventory (jewelry, diamond, and color stones), tagging and bar coding, business analysis reports, manufacturing, job bags, vendor purchase orders, imaging, quotes, proforma invoices, vendor consignments and accounts payable. Export to QuickBooks, automatic update of your website, EDI, RFID, automated Fedex, UPS, ParcelPro, MalcaAmit label printing and tracking are available. Unlimited training is included at no additional cost. Based on latest C#/.Net technology.

Tagging (RFID & Bar code)

  • You can either use standard jewelry tags with barcodes, or RFID tags.
  • RFID tags allow you to read hundreds of pieces of jewelry or diamond parcels in minutes. Just put an envelope or a tray full of jewelry on the scanner and it reads all of them.
  • Use it to check your inventory, make an invoice, give merchandise to a salesman, etc.


  • Display image of each item as you are entering an invoice, memo, etc...
  • Print catalogues.
  • Multiple images per item (from the top, side,...).
  • Print invoice, memos, jobs bags, and manufacturing orders with style images and bar codes.
  • Customer quotations and proposals with pictures.
  • Images get uploaded directly from your program to your website.
  • Hundreds of others reports such as best sellers, inventory, and open orders all with images of each item right next to it

Salesman Inventory

  • Keeps track of the inventory given to each salesman.
  • Ability to deduct delivery invoices directly from a salesman line.
  • Complete transaction history for items given to each salesman.
  • Look for a style to see which salesmen have it.
  • Print the complete inventory with or without items on salesmen lines.
  • RFID integration.
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Accounts Receivables

  • Invoices
    1. Automatically calculates the prices for each customer, based on the customer's discount, or based on special prices agreed upon with the customer.
    2. Can be configured to remember the last price sold to each customer, so next time we bill them for that price.
    3. Prices can be adjusted based on the gold price of the day.
    4. Option to automatically get the gold price of the day from the internet.
    5. Option to print invoices with images for each item.
  • Complete accounts receivable module
  • Sold From Memo: Convert a complete memo or part of it into an invoice.
  • Customer returns. Returns can be from memos or invoices.
  • Memorandums / consignments. Complete history of a memo and its related returns and / or invoices.
  • Customers statement and aging report.
  • Option to see open invoices only or print the complete history (ledger) of the transactions for a customer.
  • Option to include or to exclude memos in the statement.
  • Option to automatically to email the statements on a present day of the month.
  • Aging Reports: how much each customer owes and how past due they are.

Multi-User System

Easy graphical interface to set up each user access privileges. Each salesman can be set up to have access to their own customer accounts only.

Accounts Payable

  • Complete accounts payable package.
  • Keep track of amount owed to each vendor.
  • Import details of each vendor invoice using the Excel file provided by your vendor.
  • Accounts payable aging report.
  • Print checks.


  • Eliminates the need for a checkbook.
  • Print checks directly from the program.
  • Keep track of the ledger balance as well as cleared (available) balance.
  • Keep track of details of each bank deposit: which customer payments or other checks were included in each deposit.

Web Connection

  • Option to automatically update the information for the items on your website based on the information entered into your inventory system. Also update availability of items based on your real time inventory.
  • Allows your customers to see their statement, status of their orders,copy of invoices, or pay their invoices on the web

Email, Fax, and export to Excel

  • Email, fax, or export to Excel any report. This includes invoices, memos, and customer statements. You no longer have to look for the customer's fax number or email address to send him a document.
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  • Print job bags with images and bar codes.
  • Keep track of all job bags given to each contractor.
  • List of items open by each contractor.
  • Separate programs to keep track of overseas vendors, or local setters/contractors.
  • Automatically decide which items need to be ordered based on the customer purchase orders and the current inventory, then divide it into one or more vendor purchase orders based onthe vendor that makes each item.
  • Stone inventory used by manufacturing.
  • List of stones needed for customer purchase orders.
  • Issue stone purchase orders to our stone vendors.
  • Finding inventory, issue finding purchase order to our vendors.
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Customer repair orders

  • Keep track of open customer repair orders.
  • Bar-coded repair job bags.
  • Follow each repair job bag through the manufacturing process.
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Optional features: EDI, QuickBooks integration, RFID, FedEx, UPS, ParcelPro, and Brinks shipping.

  • Create the appropriate Fedex, UPS,.. shipping label without ever leaving our software.
  • Track your shipment from within our software.
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Inventory / Item Maintenance

  • Room to enter the complete bill of material for each item. This includes metal type sand weight (up to 3 different metals), as well as diamond and color stones, finding, setting types, polishing cost, rhodium cost...
  • Automatically calculate to the total cost of the item, or enter the final cost of the piece.
  • Automatic calculation of taxes and duties.
  • Ability to import style information from an Excel sheet provided by the manufacturer.
  • Complete history of inventory of each item.
  • Inventory of findings (such as chains and earring posts).
  • Inventory of color stones and diamonds used for manufacturing.

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