WJewel POS is software that is designed to help you get the most out of your jewelry business. It is a point of sale (POS) app designed specifically for jewelry retailers. The software is meant to be a complete business solution for owner-operated, single or multi-store independent jewelers

WJewel Jewelry POS Overview

WJewel POS is a fully-featured application designed to make running a jewelry business easier and more profitable. It can be installed locally on your server or based on a cloud server. It includes point of sale, customer relationship management, inventory and stock management, ordering, repairs and customer orders, financial management, accounts payable and merchandise received on consignment. It can handle scrap / trade in purchases, and bullions also. Interface with QuickBooks is available.

Most of the software comes as part of the standard package, which includes unlimited training.

WJewel Jewelry POS Features and Benefits

WJewel has a wide range of features from point of sale software with inventory management to ordering, accounting, receivables and payables and repair tracking.

Point of Sale Software

WJewel is a complete jewelry point of sale. It features total product integration, inventory and stock management, sales and returns, appraisals, special orders, layaways, and repairs. The software also allows you to trade and buy items, sell gift certificates, print or email receipts – with or without pictures. Store credits and customers who buy “on account” are handled easily. You can automatically add finance charge for open accounts. It also integrates with credit reporting companies to obtain credit reports for your clients. Integrated credit card processing is part of the system.

The POS will also compute commissions for your salespeople and tracks any incentives for the items they bought from what customers brought into your store.

If the store offers warranty, WJewel keeps track of that also, making sure the customer has brought in the item for inspection as per the required schedule such as once a year or every six months.

Credit Card Processing

WJewel offers integrated credit card processing. Credit card reader pad can be used to capture customer signature on variety of forms when needed. Examples include customer consent for repair orders, layaway pickup, etc.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

WJewel has built-in CRM functionality. You can capture customer details, add information like birthdays and anniversaries, keep track of related family members, track communications, and ensure you keep up-to-date with customer needs and marketing. The software automatically tracks and records every transaction, repair, appraisal, layaway, payment, and images of items they have purchased.

The CRM also lets you conduct queries of all your customers to identify people you can target with customized marketing. This can help you target your promotions and generate a better return on investment. You can then send out targeted mailing and emails to customers with special offers to incentivize them. You can set up postcards for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, special events, sales, and promotions.

Inventory Management

WJewel has a built-in stock and inventory management system. This makes it easier to optimize your inventory to maximize sales. You can easily identify top-selling items and ensure they are always available. Inventory system lets you manage multiple vendors, product lines, individual products, categories, and more. You can track products by barcode or RFID chips. You can also track poor performing items in inventory so that you can either exchange them by the vendor or otherwise put them on sale, etc. It also generates reports for vendors for their consignment items that you sold already.

WJewel keeps track of multi store inventory securely and easily. Items sent from one store to another can be required to be acknowledged by the receiving store. At any given time each item is marked as in a certain store or in transit between the stores.

You can easily see cost and sale prices for each item including margins, and the lowest price you can accept if a customer wants to try to drive the price down. Detailed reports show how your products and inventory are doing over time, so you can plan for trends and seasonal variations. WJewel lets you tune your stock management to your unique marketplace, location, and customers.

Easy Ordering

Ordering from vendors is easy, it can be done based on special orders, quantity sold in the past or many other criteria. You can keep track of the orders until they are actually received in the store.

Repairs, Custom Orders, and Special Jobs

WJewel has the options for many of the dedicated services that jewelers provide. These help you stay on top of specific customer requests, ensuring you can complete the services quickly and effectively, improving customer relations. Special requests are input using the POS, which then generates a barcoded envelope to make it easy to track specific items.

The repair module makes it easy to create repair jobs and provides accurate pricing information for fixes. Each job bag can then be traced as it travels from the store to the repair shop – in house or outside – and as it goes from one station to another within the shop, and finally back to the store. The system also emails customers as repairs are marked complete. The appraisal module allows jewelers to easily provide valuations for insurance, estate, or other purposes. Custom jobs and special orders allow you to easily track and provide one-of-a-kind items or products you don’t currently hold in stock.

Accounting, Reporting, and Financial Management

WJewel helps you stay on top of your business finances. You can easily see your revenue, profits, inventory, number of customers, outstanding orders, and other important aspects of your business. Detailed reports allow you to see how you are doing over time including stock levels, reordering, product sales and trends, sales analysis, profitability, and special order information.

WJewel also integrates with QuickBooks so you can easily track every financial aspect of your business.

WJewel Jewelry POS Support

WJewel comes with unlimited support and training that makes it easy to install, manage, and use. You’ll benefit from a support team and training.

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